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About The Trip


Q:How is Yaaleh different from Kollel?


The programs have different structures and focuses, despite both being all-boys.

Yaaleh Kollel
Much smaller program, appx. 40 teens Larger program, appx. 260 teens
Constantly travels the country Stays in one central location and travels on tiyulim once or twice a week
Learns for 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening Learn for the first half of the day and plays sports

Q:What type of boys attend Yaaleh?


Boys on Yaaleh come from a wide range of backgrounds. The diversity of the program is integral to the leadership development and skill building that helps Yaaleh thrive.

Q:Can I make my own flight arrangements to extend my trip?


Yes. To extend a ticket, you will need to contact the summer programs team. He or she will give you the direct email address for our travel agent who will make the accommodations. Program associates cannot arrange flights.

Note: Any additional fees associated with the change are the responsibility of the program participant.

Q:Will I have any free time during the trip?


There is one free weekend, which is typically the third weekend in Israel. You are allowed to go wherever you want to spend time with family and friends, as long as your parents (or legal guardian) gives us permission. If you don’t have family in Israel, don’t worry — we’ll take care of you!

Q:I have dietary restrictions, can you accommodate me?


For any dietary limitations, contact a summer program’s associate to discuss your concerns. We do our best to accommodate everyone.

Q:Are there scholarships for Yaaleh?


Financial aid is available from the National NCSY office. Scholarships are need-based and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be considered for financial assistance, you must fill out the online application and submit your most recent tax return.

You can also apply for secondary scholarships by contacting your local synagogue, Jewish Federation and NCSY chapter. To see a complete listing of Federations, click here

Q:How many boys are there on Yaaleh?


Yaaleh is designed to fill 1 bus with approximately 40 NCSYers. Each teen is carefully selected and brings his own uniqueness to the program.