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About The Trip


Yaaleh is a 5 week all boys travel program in Israel.

Yaaleh teens engage in impactful chessed and social action. From assisting Israeli farmers to packing food for the impoverished, teens on Yaaleh will have a lasting impact on the land and its people.

Throughout the summer Yaaleh teens develop as leaders. Through innovative team building and communication exercises, Yaaleh teens gain invaluable skills that will serve them for long after their summer experience.

Torah learning is a daily focal point of the trip. Our dedicated advisors give daily chaburahs to the teens on a range of exciting fundamental Torah topics. Yaaleh nights are filled with our teens engaging in additional Torah learning in an exciting mishmar program. Practical modern day applications of halacha are explored and delicious food is enjoyed. Our Yaaleh teens have ample opportunities to develop their learning skills throughout the summer.

On Yaaleh, teens explore the land of Israel in its entirety. From water hikes in the Golan Heights to scuba diving off the shores of Eilat, Yaaleh offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the beauty and splendor of our homeland. On the weekends, teens have time to relax, play sports and unwind from the action packed, adventure filled weeks of Yaaleh.


Yaaleh teens will have the…BEST. SUMMER. EVER


Sample Days:


Volunteer day

  • Wake up
  • Shacharis
  • Breakfast
  • Chaburah
  • Volunteer – Food package
  • Lunch
  • Mincha
  • Volunteer – One Family¬†
  • Learn about Israel Advocacy at Stand With Us
  • Ben Yehuda Street
  • Optional Mishmar learning
  • Maariv
  • Layla Tov

Trip day

  • Wake up
  • Climb Masada
  • Shacharis at sunrise
  • Breakfast
  • Ein Gedi
  • Lunch
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Kabalat Shabbat
  • Dinner
  • Tisch
  • Layla Tov